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Thermally Broken Building System

-our own unique engineered solution

  • Most NZ homes experience condensation issues in the winter months. This condensation is a sure sign of thermal bridging

  • A thermal bridge is created when materials that are poor insulators (such as standard wooden frames or joinery) come in contact with each other, allowing heat to escape

  • Aside from heat loss/gain and condensation, thermal bridging can also cause more serious problems such as mould growth and building material deterioration

  • Hybrid Homes use a cost effective method of construction that eliminates thermal bridging

  • We use additional insulating components and have developed new design solutions for foundations, timber framing, and the overall building envelope

Thermally Broken Windows/doors

Thermally Broken Framing

Thermally Broken Foundations

Osbrace Framing

IBS OS’Brace® RAP is a high quality, moisture resistant, innovative and environmentally sustainable, structural bracing panel designed and manufactured specifically for the New Zealand building and construction industry. Using this prefabricated panel enables us to build our projects quickly and efficiently by protecting the interior of the home from the elements, whilst we continue to build. Find out more.

Everyday Innovation

Modern homes can present design challenges - such as lack of wall space due to too much glass! In this home we included high and low level windows with wall space in the middle so that artwork could be displayed. We then cladded these with raw hot-rolled steel so that the artwork could simply be attached with a magnet and changed frequently.


Likewise, in the kitchen, we have installed a removable glass splash-back to enable the image behind to be alternated.